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Since only half of my waking life can be spent on schooling, the other half taking care personal issues such as the wife and child, this intolerably short web page shall be devoted thoughts on the technology of the distant and not so distant future.

What the future holds:

  • Orbital manufacturing
    • Anything involving crystal growth, most notably wafer fabrication plants to capitalize on pure silicon crystal growth.
    • Cement processing
  • Orbital resorts - tourist traps
  • Lunar resorts - tourist traps
  • Micro, nano, pico machines
    • noninvasive surgery
    • increase bodily performance
    • DNA resequencing
    • body restructuring/reshaping/rebuilding
  • Grand Unification - the theory that relates electromagnetism to gravity
  • Flight boots - inline skate size boots with 100-150 km range, powered by one of the following types of engines: electromagnetic, gravitational, rocket, or gas turbine
  • Flight cars
    • fully featured autopilot where you tell it where to go and it takes you there
    • intracity and intercontinental range