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I am working on neural neworks learning and application.  Our newest area of research is "Explanation Capability of Neural Networks".  If you are interested to know what does this mean, here are some powerpoint slides about this subject.  During my master, I have been doing research in Financial Engineering. We have been using Neural Networks in stock market predictions. If you feel interested to know more about some of our work, you can read our paper which was lately accepted for publication in the IEEE transactions on neural networks:

Saad, E., Prokhorov, D., and Wunsch, D., "Comparative Study of Stock Trend Prediction Using Time Delay, Recurrent and Probabilistic Neural Networks",  IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, vol. 9, pp. 1456-1470, 1998.  (postscript) - (PDF).

or our conference paper:

Saad, E., Prokhorov, D., and Wunsch, D., "Advanced Neural Network Training Methods for Low False Alarm Stock Trend Prediction", in Proc. International Conference on Neural Networks, Washington, DC, June 1996 (postscript)
Here are the Powerpoint view foils presented at ICNN96.

During two consecutive summers in 97 and 98, I have been working under a contract at the Applied Research and Technology division of BOEING, Seattle. I have been using neural networks with query-based leaning in advanced aerospace applications.  This joint research resulted in this paper:

If you still feel interested in knowing about me, here is my resume, which you can also download in MS word format.

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