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Hi, my name is Jose (Joe) R. Escabi, I'm 24 and am originally from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, but I have lived most of my life in Ponce, also in Puerto Rico (where the best beaches in the world are located). I studied elementary,junior high and high School in Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus (That's School of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all you non-bilinguals out there). And I also studied two and a half years in thePontifical Catholic Universityof Puerto Rico, which both are located in my hometown of Ponce. Currently, I am an undergrad at Texas Tech University, majoring inElectrical Enginering, and I'm a Student Assistant in the ACIL. I'm also minoring in Spanish (yeah that's hard), and Mathematics.



Last summer (summer '96) I was on a summer Internship at Accurate Automation Corporation in Tennessee, the main contractors for LoFLYTE . Where I worked with some cool stuff for the NNP , and some other real neat stuff. My internship was funded by the NSF, and their program Summer Experience for Undergraduates. In the ACIL, I have worked with Danil, running some simulations, and Emad, with some of his stuff. I also took (audited) an Adaptive Critic Designs course last year (spring '96), tought by Dr. Wunsch.



My main Neural Network interests are adaptive control, optimization and fault diagnostics. But I enjoy studying, and implementing all sorts of different intersting neural applications. I have studied (and implememted most of these) most neuralnetworks, including Backpropagation, ART (in most of its forms), Kohonen SOFM, Hopfield, CMAC, BTT, HDP, DHP, GDHP, Decoupled Extended Kalman, and some others.



My other interests other than working or studying, are either sports, which I like these: golf (I just took it up, so I'm still pretty terrible at it), basketball, weightlifting or bodybuilding, tennis, baseball, diving, basketball, or anything that's a good workout. My other interests are the guitar, which I usually play every Sunday at Church with the choir (Im the Chior director now), and my colections. I love to collect stuff like movies, CD's, stamps, coins, lots of cool stuff.



Here are some intersting links you should definately check out:



Any questions, coments, jokes (please if you have any e-mail jokes sendthem ) found please e-mail me at Z3B24@TTACS.TTU.EDU or or thanks for checking out my homepage.

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