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Hi!!! Thank you for visiting this site and thank you for your interest. I was born in 1974 in Russia. My home city is St. Petersburg (Russia). I worked as a research assistant in the Applied Computational Intelligence Laboratory (Electrical Engineering Department) of the Texas Tech University. Research in advanced training methods for artificial neural networks, Adaptive Critic Designs, and various applications of artificial neural networks in control and optimization. Currently I am employed as an Application Specialist at The MathWorks, Inc. in Boston area (Natick, MA). Check my resume for more details. If you are interested in getting in touch with me, you are welcome to send me a message to my TTU account:


Some of the works done with the ACIL at the Texas Tech University:

Visnevski N., Prokhorov D., Control of a Nonlinear Multivariable System with Adaptive Critic Designs, in proceedings of the conference Artificial Neural Networks In Engineering (ANNIE'96). 1996.  "Theoretical Developments In Techniques Award" of ANNIE'96, Second Runner-Up (received Oct. 12 1996)

Haggard J. C., Visnevski N. A., Wunsch D. C., Object-oriented Approach for Neural Network Implementation , Research report in collaboration with the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), May 1996.

Visnevski N., Extended Kalman Filtering algorithms in gradient-based training of neural networks, Presentation at the research seminar, Dept. EE, University of Washington. Seattle, WA. Jul. 12 1996, (under construction)

Visnevski N., Prokhorov D., Action-Dependent Heuristic Dynamic Programming for Neurooptimization, Abstract in proceedings of World Congress on Neural Networks (WCNN-96), Washington D.C., 1996. (under construction)

Visnevski N., Filtration and Correlation Detection of Periodical Signals by Recurrent Neural Networks, (under construction)



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