The following list shows courses that are relevant to working in computational intelligence.

Review of Neurocontrol and Optimization, Introduction to Approximate Dynamic Programming (ADP), Reinforcement Learning (RL), Combined Concepts of ADP and RL - Heuristic Dynamic Programming (HDP), Dual Heuristic Programming (DHP), Global Dual Heuristic Programming (GDHP), and Case Studies.(Co-listed with Comp Eng 6320, Elec Eng 6360, Mech Eng 6458 and Sys Eng 6215)

An introduction to cluster analysis and clustering algorithms rooted in computational intelligence, computer science and statistics. Clustering in sequential data, massive data and high dimensional data. Students will be evaluated by individual or group research projects and research presentations.(Co-listed with Elec Eng 6340, Sys Eng 6214, Comp Sci 6405, Stat 6239)

Introduction to Computational Intelligence (CI), Biological and Artificial Neuron, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Immune Systems, Fuzzy Systems, and Hybrid Systems. CI application case studies covered include digital systems, control, power systems, forecasting, and time-series predictions. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing. (Co-listed with Comp Eng 5310 and Sys Eng 5211).

Introduction to artificial neural networks and various supervised and unsupervised learning techniques. Detailed analysis of some of the neural networks that are used in control and identification of dynamical systems. Applications of neural networks in the area of Control. Case studies and a term project. Prerequisites: Elec Eng 3320.

Introduction to Markov Decision Processes and Dynamic Programming. Application to Inventory Control and other optimization and control topics. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in background of probability or statistics. (Co-listed with Mech Eng 6447, Aero Eng 6447, Eng Mgt 6410 and Comp Sci 6202).

This course covers advanced topics in robotics, including perception, robotic path planning, robotic system integration, and computational intelligence topics for robotics. A term project including both written and oral components will be required. Prerequisite: A "C" or better in either Comp Sci 5403 or Mech Eng 5449 or Aero Eng 5449. (Co-listed with Comp Sci 6403 and Elec Eng 6880).